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David är snart 30 år, bor hos sin mamma och genomgår en utredning för Aspergers Syndrom. Han vill ha en förklaring till alla tillkortakommanden i sitt liv. Hur hade han det med kompisar? Hur gjorde han med lekar? Mor och son minns och grälar. David tyr sig till skogen, där han bygger en koja. Positionerad i samhällets utkant betraktar han civilisationen. Och skriver.

David is almost 30 and lives with his mother. He is undergoing an investigation of Asperges syndrome, looking for an explanation for the shortcomings in life. Did he have friends when he was a kid? Did he ever play? Mother and son remember and quarrel. David escapes to the forest, where he is building a hut. Living on the fringe of society, he observes civilization. And he writes.
Gustav Annerblom 2016
Ingen sömn på Stengatan
(Ingen sömn på Stengatan)

Clara Bodén 2016
Welcome to Gunnarsbyn
(Welcome to Gunnarsbyn)

Anette Winblad & Johan Winblad 2016

Charlotta Lennartsdotter 2016
Hjärta Norsjö
Henny och Elvira är 15 år och bästa kompisar, de går sista terminen i nian i den västerbottniska inlandskommunen Norsjö. På kvällarna kör de Hennys okapade epa, en svart Volvo 240. I Epan kan de prata om allt; snygga fälgar, mens, killar och framtiden. Henny tycker att Norsjö är en håla och vill gå dansgymnasiet inne i stan som ligger tio mil bort. Elvira vill helst av allt stanna, gå på gymnasiet i Norsjö och slippa pendla till stan. Men det var så få elever som sökte att hela gymnasiet nu riskerar att läggas ner. En sorglös ungdomstid blandas upp med landsbygdens rådande villkor, ett arbetarsamhälle som sakta men säkert avbefolkas. Staden som norm tvingar inlandet på knäna, men mitt i allt så finns en tid som är sådär vemodigt påtaglig som den bara kan vara under ungdomen.
Lisa Josephson & Sofia Josephson 2014-2017
Expedition Sweden
Jimmy is an experienced adventurer born and raised in the north of Sweden. Like many Swedes he has travelled the world in search of new adventures. Now he has finally decided to do an adventure just a short drive from home, to show his friends what Sweden has to offer.
Together with Linus and Jason he is going to ski Kungsleden, a 450 km long trail through the Swedish mountains. Jason from New Zealand is an experienced adventurer but this will be his first time on skis in the arctic. Linus has never done anything like this before. He has long dreamt of an adventure but always doubted that he could do it.
Maybe it is not that strange when adventures noticed today are often so extreme that people put their life at stake. It is like the focus lies on the danger and the risks being taken. But is that really what an adventure is all about?
Linus Adolfsson & Jimmy Sundin 2014
Jag, den ropande rösten i öknen
Heide Krönlein, 73, came to Sweden fifty years ago and has mostly lived in Vuollerim. She is a writer, artist, photographer, politicians who for years have struggled with environmental, refugee and social issues.

The film is a close depiction of Heide's perspective on her life and what it means to survive a war, losing her family, feeling homeless in the new country, living with guilt feelings, memories, her love of opera and art.
Mitra Sohrabian 2012/2013
Den lilla skönhetssalongen
(The little beauty salon)

The film with its warmth and humor turns on our prejudices. The movie is about some women's relationships, friendships and their thoughts about life and love. In the small space, we are witnessing these women's strengths and dreams.
Mitra Sohrabian 2012
Tanja Hager, 28, is a woman who fights for a better future for her own people. Tanja is from the Romani people and belongs to the Kaale group and have her roots in Finland. She moved to Luleå (Sweden) as a very young woman where she lives and actively works to change the attitudes about the Romani people.
Birgitta Lindström & Regina Veräjä 2012
(The Home And The Cavity )

Release: Premiere at GIFF International Film Festival 2013 the 26th of January

The ore must be mined for the community to survive – and the community must be torn down for the ore to be mined. Everyone in Malmberget is waiting for the hammer to drop and the community to crumble.
Alexander Rynéus & Per Eriksson 2012
Kiruna - Rymdvägen
(Kiruna - Spaceroad)

«My Kiruna will be demolished and crushed to the ground.» When I first heard that they were going to relocate my hometown, I got scared, I panicked. What would happen to my memories? What would remain from the past? This is a film about my childhood neighborhood and the city I recall. It explores the city's construction around a big mine, as well as the city as monument over modern existence. The film also deals with reconciliation with one’s past, and the feeling of losing one's security.
Liselotte Wajstedt 2012
Lights Over Lapland the Aurora Borealis Experience

Produced by: Chad Blakley
Edit by: Thomas Malkowicz
Chad Blakley 2012
Från döden till livet
(From death to life)

"My name is Amer, I'm a refugee from Syria. I have lived 9 months in a refugee camp in Boden, a place where there is more pain than joy. I met many people who shared their dramatic fates and made ​​a film as a document from within. "
Amer Abd Hameed 2011
Dansaren inom mig
(The dancer within me)

The dancer within me is a film about a middle age womans dreams and disappointment, lonelyness and longing.
Mitra Sohrabian 2010

Aziz is an old man whom came with his children to Sweden. He lives in a small apartment in Luleå in north of Sweden. His children have their own life and works and Aziz often feel lonely.
A few years ago, his children got him a garden plot in a garden tree area suited nearby his apartment. It is here he find a new life and hope. He spends the most of his time during spring, summer and even autumn in his garden plot. Here, he can meet people and he feels proud but when winter’s comes his life would not bi the same…
Longing is a film about Aziz’s dreams, his identity in this new country but even disappointment and alienated.
Mitra Sohrabian 2009
(The Tree Lover)

Strange things occur in the woods of northern Sweden. A film crew made up of three urbanised northerners return to the area where they grew up in order to build a recreational cabin high up in a pinetree. They slowly realise that many people share their love of trees and forests and that its roots go deeper into the soul of Swedish people than they first thought.
Jonas Selberg Augustsèn 2008
Hur Kunde Hon
(How Could She)

It is 1986. Lillemor is 19 And goes to France. She falls in love there; a love which results in her becoming HIV infected. Lillemor represses the fact that she has a lethal infection. She gets married and has children. She cannot bring herself to tell her husband that she is HIV positive. One day he finds out. Tabloid press and tv channels refer to her as the “HIV woman”. Lillemor’s husband divorces her, she loses custody of their children, and she loses her freedom.
Lillemor has now served a 30-month prison sentence for attempted grievous bodily harm. She was convicted for having had unprotected sex with her husband and for having gone through pregnancy and given birth to two children without first informing medical staff of the fact that she was HIV positive. Neither her ex-husband nor their children, now 7 and 8 years old, have contracted HIV.
Ingela Lekfalk 2008
Jenny, Gud och Tystnaden
(Jenny, God and the Silence)

Jenny is studying the last term to become a priest. She is young, woman and married to Linda. Nobody in her class is positive to partnership blessings.
Ingela Lekfalk 2007
Sámi nieida jojk
Liselotte Wajstedt 2007
Tills döden skiljer oss åt
(Til death do us part)

Ulf Boström, Jan-Olof Granqvist 2007

Jerzy Sladkovski 2007

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We encounter three Sami women of different generations and their lives with the reindeer herds. Their thoughts, dreams and memories show their view of lifes essential values. When a court case questions their ancient rights to reindeer pasture their life as reindeer keepers is at risk.

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Kine Boman 2007