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Tommy - Swedish Premiere 14 March 2014
Wednesday 12 March 2014
Estelle returns to Stockholm. She brings her daughter with her, and the promise that Tommy is coming home. A year earlier they had fled head over heels after one of the biggest robberies in Swedish history. Estelle starts to pressure Tommy’s old cronies for the loot, and when things don’t go her way she takes a dangerous gamble. More info
Tjockare än vatten
Wednesday 29 January 2014
Three siblings reunite at the family's guest house on their mother's urging. But when she is found dead it leads them to family secrets, lies and buried truths. Thicker than water is a dark family chronicle in ten parts. Co-produced by Filmpool Nord
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Volvo / Made By Sweden
Wednesday 29 January 2014
Ömheten / Tenderness
Tuesday 19 November 2013
In Northern Sweden, a small community built around a mine. From the winter cold to summer greenery, some teenagers, about to take the leap in the adultage, fight with themselves and the world around them, learning to live, love and dream – while the city also is in a time of change, forced to move due to the explosions mining the ground.