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The Northern Lights
Plenty of snow and the Midnight Sun

That’s a fact. Hot car chase scenes in the Arctic cold? Mystique and drama in Europe’s last great wilderness? A retro service station in an authentic ’60s setting?

In Swedish Lapland, you’ll find unique and exotic locations. We’ll make sure that your film production is secure, cost-effective and enjoyable.

The Arctic Circle cuts right through Swedish Lapland. But the Gulf Stream moderates the harsh Arctic climate. Here, a glittering blanket of snow covers the landscape for half the year, starting in October or November.

In winter, it’s dark virtually all the time. But it’s never black. On a starry night when the Northern Lights dance across the heavens, the darkness is a deep blue and the brilliant moonlight casts long shadows. During the bright summer months, the Midnight Sun reigns supreme and a clock is the only way of telling that it’s midnight. The sun warms the landscape. And shines, and shines.

Professionalism meets infrastructure
Infrastructure and communications are excellent, with five airports, a big-city pulse and an established film infrastructure, studio facilities, production and post-production companies.

Here, you’ll meet professional, confident film workers who will be pleased to help make your film expedition in this land of contrasts a success.